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BRITA Maxtra+ Universal Water Filter Cartridge, Pack of 6

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Make sure you’re refilled, ready to enjoy better tasting tea and coffee with this pack of 6 Maxtra+ Universal Water Filter Cartridges from Brita, recommended by the UK Tea Academy.


  • Ion Exchange Pearls reduce limescale, improving water flavour
  • Micro Carbon Pearls reduce chlorine and organic impurities
  • MicroFlow Technology reduces coarse particles
  • Meets British Water Filter Standards in reducing chlorine, hardness and metals such as lead and copper
  • Flow control ensures perfect filtration time
  • Finger holes make changing over cartridges easy
  • No pre-soaking required
  • 100% recyclable


Enjoy enhanced flavours and aromas of beverages and cooked dishes that use water when you use these filtered water cartridges, thanks to limescale-reducing Ion Exchange Pearls. The taste and odour of food and drink is also improved by new Micro Carbon Pearls that reduce chlorine and organic impurities.

These cartridges are recommended for the UK and Irish water filter market and meet British Water Filter Standards BS 8427-2004 for the reduction of chlorine, hardness and metals such as lead and copper, which they permanently absorb. They protect kettles and coffee machines from limescale build-up and damage too.

The cartridges benefit from MicroFlow Technology in reducing coarse particles and their unique flow control ensures perfect filtration time for optimum results. The new finger holes design make changing over cartridges easy and there’s no pre-soaking required before you install them.

The Universal fit suits old and new Brita Maxtra Jugs, Partnership appliances and most own brand jugs.

Each pack contains 6 cartridges.


Recycle now!
Each cartridge is 100% recyclable. Please return your used filters to the kitchenware department of your local store for recycling.

Available: Out Of Stock
Vendor: SiwaSaltDirect
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