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Fine Mediterranean Salt - 12 x 500g shakers

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 12 x 500g

Harvested from the clear waters of the Mediterranean and dried by natural solar evaporation, The sea ​​salt that retains its ocean-borne minerality in a pure, clean-tasting crunch. The broad range of grain sizes makes this all-natural, additive-free sea salt an ideal choice for any recipe in your kitchen—whether it’s baked, boiled, braised or brined.

​Try it as an upgrade from your everyday table salt, either in a salt shaker or salt mill, or just keep a bag of it on hand for when you’ll need to brine that Thanksgiving turkey. Use a pinch here and there to salt your salads, soups and snack mixes, but be sure to keep a good supply, because you’ll never want to go back to just plain salt. No additives. Fully BRC Certified.

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Available: Out Of Stock
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