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With time raw water conditions change and the performance of a water softener will decline and regular service is essential to ensure that a water softener continues to perform in an efficient, cost-effective and reliable manner and that your down-stream processes are protected from the damaging effects of hardness slippage. Most manufacturers of softeners will tell you that you do not need to service your softener, but this is not true. A softener needs a service like any other appliance you have.

We have developed a cost effective service package that will regenerate your softener. We use professional products and will ensure your softener is restored back to peak condition.

If you have had your softener for some time, we would recommend having our team perform a service, then recommend a yearly service. We offer the most competitive price and perform the essential tasks and do not try to upsell or replace parts that simply do not need replacing.

Suitable for both block and tablet softeners. All brands and models of softeners covered.


We cover the whole of the South East with our service package. Contact us for more information and to book a date.


Available: Out Of Stock
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