Omnipure Q5586 (10Pentek EP-10 Filter.  5 Micron Carbon-Briquette CartridgePentek EPM Series.  10 Micron, 20 inch Carbon-briquette cartridgePentek GS-10CAL RO PH Stabilising in-line water filter
  • Omnipure Q5586 (10") Filter Replacement Cartridge, For drinking water systems

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    Suitable for all drinking water systems. An excellent quality filter from Omnipure. This filter has the added benefit of Scale Control as well as GAC to remove Chlorine bad taste and odour and other contaminants. The Q-Series is without question...

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  • Pentek EP-10 Filter. 5 Micron Carbon-Briquette Cartridge

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    EP Series cartridges are versatile and combine the long life of carbon block filtration with the higher dirtholding capacity of wound, carbon impregnated paper cartridges.EP Series cartridges are manufactured using a patented process that yields a cartridge with a nominal...

  • Pentek EPM Series. 10 Micron, 20 inch Carbon-briquette cartridge

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    EPM Series cartridges are a modified version of our EP Series cartridge. An economical price makes this cartridge an attractive choice for taste, odor, and chlorine taste & odour reduction, as well as sediment filtration.EPM Series cartridges are manufactured using...

  • Pentek GS-10CAL RO PH Stabilising in-line water filter

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    Inline activated carbon filter. Traditional In-Line filters are an ideal choice for post-RO, under-sink, ice-maker and food service applications. Pentek GS-10CAL RO pH Stabilizing Inline Water Filters contain Calcite and coconut shell granular activated carbon. 10 Inch Inline GAC/Calcite is...

  • Pentek QC10-GACR Cartridge.

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    Easy to install, easy filter changeFilter life 500 gallons (1890 L) ChloramineFilter life 10000 gallons (37850 L) ChlorineFlow rate 0.6 gpm (2.3 L/min)The PENTEK quick-change filter system offers several cartridge options to meet the demands of varying water conditions. The...

  • Pentek TSGAC-10 Filter. Granular activated carbon phosphate cartridge

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      TSGAC cartridges contain granular activated carbon to effectively reduce unwanted taste and odor and chlorine taste and odor, as well as phosphate crystals to reduce rust stains and scale deposits.TSGAC cartridges provide superior performance and outstanding protection for your...

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