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Dri-Pak Bicarbonate of Soda - 500g

Dri-Pak Bicarbonate of Soda - 500g

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Dri Pak Bicarbonate of Soda is part of the Dri Pak Clean and Natural range. Bicarbonate of Soda is often referred to as Baking Soda (although it hasn't got the raising agents required for baking) and has a number of uses as a natural cleaning product all around the home.

Uses for Bicarbonate of Soda Around the Home

  • Neutralises acid
  • A mild abrasive/scouring agent for shiny materials without scratching aluminium, chrome, jewellery, plastic, porcelain, silver, stainless steel and tin.
  • Extinguishes grease fires. (Tip – never throw water on a chip pan fire!)
  • Deodoriser for the refrigerator, carpets, upholstery, vinyl, bins, drains.
  • Fabric softener
  • Removes stains
  • Softens hard water
  • Not for culinary or medicinal use 
Sodium Bicarbonate
Contents: 500ml
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