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FT-LINE 3 - Undersink Drinking Water System

FT-LINE 3 - Undersink Drinking Water System

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The Ft Line 3 produces pure and fresh water by filtration and by purification. The first cartridge filters the sediment. The second cartridge is activated carbon and neutralizes the taste and unpleasant odors. The third cartridge has an ultrafiltration membrane which purifies water of impurities. This powerful ultrafilter significantly improves the quality of drinking water. Ft Line 3 is very compact and the installing is easy under kitchen sink. The connection is simple. Ft Line 3 is certified to European approvals. Q

Quick & Easy self install. complete kit of all you need to install, including tap.

The cartridges will filter 10,000 litres of water and last approx 1 year. Less than 2p per litre.

Box contains:

FT-82 5 μm filter.
FT-83 carbon filter.
FT-91 ultraFiltration.
3 FT Caps.
Sink faucet: Oslo model.
3/8” valve. Inlet connector. 3/8” tube set.
1 LPM flow restrictor. Fixing screws included.

Box dimensions: 405 x 425 x 130 mm.
Weight: 3300 g.
Max. pressure: 58 PSI / 4 bar.
Max. flow.: 0,25 GPM / 1 LPM.
Service life: 2000 GAL / 7560 l.
Max. temperature: 100 oF / 38 oC.
Min. temperature: 35 oF / 2 oC.


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