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Pentek GS-10CAL RO PH Stabilising in-line water filter

Pentek GS-10CAL RO PH Stabilising in-line water filter

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Inline activated carbon filter. Traditional In-Line filters are an ideal choice for post-RO, under-sink, ice-maker and food service applications.

Pentek GS-10CAL RO pH Stabilizing Inline Water Filters contain Calcite and coconut shell granular activated carbon.

10 Inch Inline GAC/Calcite is a mixture of calcite and coconut shell carbon intended for the re-mineralization of soft, acidic, or low pH water. Great taste/odour cartridge for use as reverse osmosis post filter, coffee and tea brewers, distillers, and other water dispensing appliances. Calcite is a natural mineral which dissolves in acidic water to raise its pH to neutral.

Inline water filter for espresso and coffee applications and Reverse Osmosis post treatment. Contains Calcite to act as a mineral feed for flavor additive and raising TDS. Also contains granular activated carbon for chlorine taste and odour reduction and polisher.

Dimensions : 2.0 Inch diameter, 10 Inch length

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