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Pentek QC10-GACR Cartridge.

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Easy to install, easy filter change
Filter life 500 gallons (1890 L) Chloramine
Filter life 10000 gallons (37850 L) Chlorine
Flow rate 0.6 gpm (2.3 L/min)

The PENTEK quick-change filter system offers several cartridge options to meet the demands of varying water conditions. The granular activated carbon cartridge offers extended chlorine taste and odor performance with low pressure drop.* The EP carbon block filter offers superior chlorine taste and odor performance with 5 micron sediment reduction.* The CBR carbon block cartridge has enhanced performance capabilities for chlorine taste & odor, cyst, lead, atrazine and lindane reduction.

PENTEK's quick-change filter system applications include:
under-sink drinking water
pre/post RO membrane
vending machine
ice machine
coffee machine


Available: Out Of Stock
Vendor: SiwaSaltDirect
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