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Safe Tap Check 9-Way Water Test Kit

Safe Tap Check 9-Way Water Test Kit

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Safe Tap Check™ 9-Way Water Test Kit makes testing accurate, affordable, and easy. A very simple and effective way to test the standard of your drinking water. 

    “In 2017, 76% of the entire UK population used bottled water. In the midst of the plastic crisis, bottled water has become the number one enemy. Something which is a simple part of our everyday lives being bottled into single use plastic and sold for between 500-1000 times more expensive than tap water is pretty outrageous after all.” According to UK reports.

    Many of us still don’t trust our tap water and so we buy more plastic, but the simple solution is to test our water and see what’s really in there. Home water quality testing helps identify quickly that your water is safe and healthy to drink. The Safe Tap Check™ 9-way water test Kit includes a COMPLETE set of the tests you need to check your own water. It’s accurate, affordable and super easy to use. The 9 tests are: pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Nitrate, Nitrite, Iron, Copper, Free Chlorine, and Total Chlorine.

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